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Evaluating a Website for Re-Design

This task can be used to evaluate a website that needs to be redesigned. You could evaluate the website you are about to start re-designing or you could use this as a teaching tool or task for a college course in web design or graphic design principles.

Find a website that needs re-designing using Google to find some or use

Write a review on how you would re-design the website.

Use the following headings in the review:

  1. Graphic Design Principles
  2. Persuasive Design Principles
  3. Website Goals
  4. Navigation
  5. Content

For your selected website mention:

  • 2 positive things that could be kept in a re-design.
  • Identify at least 4 problems with the existing website.
  • Propose solutions for each problem you have identified.

How to get a screenshot of the website into Photoshop:

You may want to take a screenshot of the website (ALT key + Print Screen Key) and save it as an image in Photoshop.

In Photoshop just go to File – > New after you have made the print screen.

Photoshop will automatically recognise the size you want to create the new document, so just click OK. Then press CTRL + V to paste your print screen. Use the Crop tool to crop out anything you dont want. Then go to File – > Save for Web & Devices and save it as a JPG to and insert this into your review.

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