Combining Two Excel Workbooks

In order for this to work you need to have a column in each workbook that has the same date, such as an email address column.

1. Setup a folder on to save the 2 excel file
2. Place the two excel files into this folder
3. Save a new blank workbook into the folder

4. In the new workbook. go to the Data tab and then
a. Get Data – > From File – > From Workbook
b. Select the first workbook file
c. Click Import
d. Select Table 1
e. Click the Dropdown on Load
f. Select Load To
g. Select Only Create Connection

5. Repeat Step 4 for our the 2nd workbook file
6. Click Get Data – > Combine Queries -> Merge
7. From the dropdowns select each table imported
8. Next, from the first table click on, for example, the email column
9. From the second table click on the Your Email column

10. Change the Join Kind dropdown to Full Outer (all rows from both)
11. Check fuzzy matching to perform the merge
12.Click OK
A new window will open, the very last coloum of this will show Table1(2) or similar
13. Click on the arrows pointing away from each other in the column name

14. Uncheck Use original column name as prefix

15. Click Close & Load

Note: You should only have to do this once to merge the data from both sheets. If you save over the original sheets again with the same names

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